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Take Bolder Action - Be Power Smart

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Gain insight on your sense of power in the workplace and your capacity to impact the world.

Register for Leadership Coaching with FosterEssence using the latest in multi-rater leader assessments: The Diamond Power Index™, developed by Diamond Leadership.

The Diamond Power Index® (DPI) measures how leaders use power and authority within organizational roles. DPI helps leaders and organizations optimize leadership capacity by identifying critical opportunities and vulnerabilities related to the way key leaders may use or misuse power.

Your personalized DPI leadership assessment report helps you optimize your leadership portfolio by measuring how effectively you use power—personal and positional—to achieve results, empower the people around you, and influence others up, down, across, and outside your organization.

Register Now to receive (2) Virtual Intake Sessions for 90 Minutes each, and (5) Virtual Sessions for 60 Minutes each, and save $75 per subscription package.

Spark the Leader Within - Shift from First Impulse to Best Instinct!